Exporting the Transaction Report




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    Hovious, Kay

    Re the transaction report: Is it possible to include the payment method in the export? and if payment is by check, include the check number?

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Kay! Good news - both of those items are exportable. When you export the transaction report, the Description column will read "Check" If the payment was made by Check. The Reference Number column will list the check number. I included an example below to clarify. In the same export, I included a Credit Card payment too. The Description in that case pulls from the Invoice Line Item name (on the form) and the Reference Number is the transaction number from your Credit Card processor. Hope that helps!


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    Mary Hynds

    The export reported the issuance of a credit against an invoice as a payment.  Is there a way to program account association for credits to relate to the associated revenue account instead of the bank account?  Also, can the description be modified to export with a relevant memo like "credit" rather than "payment"?


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