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    Crystal Anderson

    What is the difference between transaction type "payment" and "sale"?

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Crystal - Each transaction will have two components -the sale and the payment. The "sale" happens when a form is submitted with a dollar amount associated - it's the agreement to pay. The "payment" occurs when the actual payment is applied. For example, if a member wants to pay immediately with a credit card, the sale and payment will occur at the same time. Alternatively, if a member chooses "Invoice Me" for their payment method and mails in a check, the sale will occur when the form is submitted, and the payment will occur when an Admin applies the check payment to the Open invoice. Hope that helps!

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    When I filter the transaction report, selecting Payment type of Credit Card or Credit Card Refund - why am I seeing transactions Check or Cash transactions on the screen as well?

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    Jay Fitzmaurice

    Hello Marsha! I've submitted a Help ticket on your behalf for that question so the team can look into that for you. We'll be in touch!

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