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    Ryan Gold (Edited )

    I'm looking for more information about the advanced search (not just by event), but I was unable to find an article. Specifically, I'm wondering how do I edit a saved search?

    Also, I'd love to put in a vote (where ever you tally it!) to bring in the filtering-style advanced search you had in the classic platform. With the current advanced search, there is no way, for example, to search for any of these 3 member types that are in these 5 states. In the old system, that was a pretty easy search by filtering. PLEASE bring back filtering! 

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    Jay Fitzmaurice

    Hey Ryan!

    If you'd like to edit a saved search, run the search in question. If it's a Criteria search, you can click on the "Edit Search" button that appears to adjust your criteria, and Save Criteria to update your search. If it's a Profile List search, you'll add/remove the applicable users, and then Save. If you still have questions about that, shoot our Help Team a line at!

    You can always leave us feedback here:
    You're welcome to bookmark that link, or, you can find it on the bottom-right ? that's on the administrative end of your product.

    Speaking of bookmarking certain links... The Advanced Search is something our Engineers have been actively looking into, and I would highly recommend subscribing to our Product Updates!:

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