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    Question - I know the Sponsor Slider widget requires images to be a particular size, but I can't find what that size should be. I have a new sponsor slider image to add - what is the required size?

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Gabrielle - It looks like the image in there now is 293px × 200px. You can find the size of an image in your current slideshow by right clicking on the image and choosing View Image Info.

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    Nancy Garcia

    I updated login widgets -- top half and lower half -- and cleared my cache, ensured the widget was published and permissions were on, but nothing showed. I wanted to see where information would display for each of those two widgets.

    1) Do you have an example showing those widgets in use, such as a login page screen capture?

    2) Why did the changes to ours not display?

    Thank you,


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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Nancy - I took a look at your site and didn't see content in the top or lower widgets. I added some text to both to see if they were working and did see it appear on the login page. You might try going in again to add content to one or both widgets. If you still don't see text there, I would suggest reaching out to the Help Team so that they can dig in further.

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    Marci Hickey

    Hi, if i wanted to add / refresh the slider images for my home page, it looks like I have to go through the MC support team - is that correct?  what size should the images be?

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    Jay Fitzmaurice

    Hello Marci! Slider Images should be 980xHeight (you can choose the height, but you'll want it to be consistent - 980x245, for example).

    That said, it looks like you're redirecting most of your pages to your custom domain, as your MemberClicks product does not have a slider. If you need to change out the sliders on your custom domain, you'll need to make those adjustments and get that sizing for the platform you manage that site in. If you have additional questions, drop us a line at help@memberclicks.com!

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