Updates to Contact Preferences and Unsubscribe Workflows




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    Eric Jacobs

    Let me first say I am appreciative that MemberClicks is addressing this aspect of the platform's operations. I've been an outspoken critic of the existing unsubscribe functionality, as we've lost a lot of members due to what I believe to be unintentional unsubscribes.

    I have a question and a comment. My question is whether "newsletters, announcements and updates from this organization" means ALL emails sent from the Contact Center.  The unsubscribe email on the Help page linked above shows each of these items as a separate bullet point, as if they are somehow separate -- but the page the user sees to unsubscribe presents these all as on thing. So I want to confirm that there is, in fact, no way for a user to specify not to receive newsletters but still to receive announcements -- it's all or nothing, right? If so, that's my problem. My organization doesn't use the social media wall and circle functions at all -- they never caught on -- so this still appears to be an all-or-nothing unsubscribe for us. Until MemberClicks allows us to classify outgoing emails by category, and users to unsubscribe by category/type of email, this solution falls short of our needs.

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    Duncan McCreery

    Thanks for the comment, Eric. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback through the beta process and we're excited to be rolling this change out to help minimize any unintentional unsubscribes. For your question, you're correct, we haven't yet added categories for contact center messages. We're planning on looking at this and a few other frequently requested improvements to the contact center once this is rolled out. 

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    Anne Johnson

    Any update on this?

    It's an important issue for all your clients!


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