Update - Release for 12/25/12 Moved to 1/8/13




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    Berry Zimmerman

    Jeff, what enhancements and fixes can we expect in the 1/8/13 release? We'd like to communicate with our community in advance of the release.

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    Jeff Burns

    Hi Berry,

    With our two week releases, we ensure that all fixes/enhancements are tested at the end of the period.  We are currently finishing our testing process.  Typically, we release all of our fixes/enhancements, but I will not be able to give a finalized list until Monday morning.  At that time, I can provide you with a list of what we have coming.  We do have some large fixes for QuickBooks importing and E-Lists coming soon and will give more detail at the beginning of the week.  With the Christmas holiday, we have had more fixes/than large enhancements.

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