Release Notes 10/08/13




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    Yumi Rydlun

    Hello!  I noticed a simple improvement!   Recently  when I create a new article, the Group permission settings are conveniently located in the top right hand side of the article manager, and I was prompted to check them before I saved or closed the article.   Thank you for this! 

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    Nancy Garcia

    I used to be able to use cmd-f on the Mac to search in the design (WYSIWYG) and/or HTML view of my content. That functionality was not working for me today. I hope that is a temporary glitch and it still exists. It is a major time-saver to maintain and update pages, especially for our site, in instances when the quickest method is to do that is to work in the HTML view on existing pages that have a lot of material built up over time. If the use of that keyboard shortcut was done away with, please bring it back!

    Thank you,


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