Release Notes 08/06/13




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    Jovita Mask

    Can the wording "Send Check" be changed to "Pay by Check".

    When I do a confirmation it shows "Send Check" and people think that means they need to send a check when, in fact, they have already "sent a check".  The other working is easily understandable by administrators and would seem to reduce the misunderstanding by those paying by check.  

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Jovita - It sounds like the issue might be solvable via a few options, and they're organization specific. I'm going to message you via a Help Ticket to see if we can resolve your problem.

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    Eric Jacobs

    I'm not sure why this comment is under the release notes as opposed to in the regular Ideas forum, but I'd actually like to second Jovita's request. I've always found "Send Check" to be awkwardly worded for something that can be past or future. I prefer "Pay by Check" or "Check Payment" or just "Check" more than "Send Check".

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