Introducing Extended Help Team Hours




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    Chris Peak

    You really need someone available atleast one day on the weekends. 

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    Bob Schilmoeller

    Agreed.  I had a couple of emails from members with report privileges stating that they could not access the reports.  I couldn't either.  Glad to see it is working again.  I hope this was from monitoring...

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    Duncan McCreery

    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to follow up on the difference between Help Team hours and system monitoring.  The live support from the Help Team is available Monday through Friday for questions or troubleshooting.  The system is monitored 24x7x365 so any system issues can be addressed regardless of the time or day.  

    I think the trouble here was the communication of the issue since it was outside of our support hours.  In addition to finding the cause for the message report issue yesterday, we'll be taking another look at the communication procedure so you know that an issue is being worked on even if it's outside of the Help Team's hours.  We are sorry for any inconvenience yesterday.

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    Anne McKillips

    it is Sunday evening and your Message Reports option is down - no way to check if a message I sent went or not.  Don't want to resend to the 101 on the distribution list but I don't know if it went

    Some one should be monitoring the site even if the help desk is not open - 24/7 - not all of your clients work Monday - Friday Eastern business hours.

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