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    Bob Schilmoeller

    Hi Duncan,

      While I totally agree with cleaning up the requests, I disagree with your methodology of discarding ideas that haven't received any votes.  I do not have time to look at every one of these ideas to see if I would like to vote for it, especially since it is a flat structure.  I expect that many if not most members have not had the time to look through the posts to see if it may be pertinent and desirable for them.  If they were categorized, it would be easier to understand and browse.  That may be the direction you are going to and I think that is great.  I also understand discarding any not applicable to the new system.  Would it be possible to categorize the remaining ideas and prioritize by votes/traction?  Maybe you could implement an aging system that could remove ideas if they do not gain additional traction.

    Just some thoughts to consider so we don't just lose ideas.

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    Duncan McCreery

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the quick reply.  Our thinking behind removing posts older than six months that haven't seen traction is to simply reduce the volume of ideas on the board.  Like you, I'm hesitant to discard ideas, so we will be using our discretion and comparing views to votes before discarding.  If an idea hasn't had any views, then it naturally wouldn't have any votes and won't be removed.  Those that have had dozens of views and no votes will be removed, so long as they have been on the forum for at least six months.

    Regarding categorization, we have some limitations with the software we use, but suggestions are always appreciated.  Feel free to email me directly with any other input as we revamp this area.

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    Eric Jacobs

    Duncan, I know I inquired about this back when I was a MemberClicks newbie last year, but I think it would help if you could have the Ideas forum sort by default to most recent comments, rather than most votes. You said that this wasn't something you could do in the Zendesk software you use, but that it was something Zendesk was working on. If it can be done now, I'd encourage sorting by most recent -- I think it will encourage more responses and participation. If it still can't be done, perhaps this is something you can push Zendesk on.

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    Duncan McCreery

    Eric, we still don't have the ability to change the default in the Ideas forum, but I avidly read their weekly updates for this and other enhancements of interest.  I haven't heard any updates on this from them, but I'll inquire again.  For the time being, you may want to bookmark https://help.memberclicks.com/forums/195512-memberclicks-ideas-feature-requests#recent which will bring you directly to the most recent suggestions.  You can also subscribe to the forum to receive additions by email.  

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