1/10/2012 Release




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    Duncan McCreery

    Hi Bob,

    Yes, the release is live.  I'll post a comment in this thread when the materials are posted.  Shouldn't be much longer.

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    Duncan McCreery

    With a big release coming up, this morning's primarily included fixes.  The full details can be found on http://memberclicks.com/releases.  A few items of note:

    • We updated the text on two items under the Connections menu of the Social Community.  "Show All" now reads "Show All Connections" and "Search" now reads "Browse Directory".  Thanks for all the feedback on this!
    • MP3 files can now be inserted using the Site Links feature.  They were previously omitted from the list of files.
    • There was a brief time when the My Features tab wasn't showing, preventing users from accessing the web interface for committees and elists.  The problem was fixed mid release cycle.

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