Release 12/28/2011




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    Jovi Jovanelly

    Release was completed around 6:10am EST.  Happy clicking.

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    Duncan McCreery

    The release this morning included several bug fixes and the improvements detailed below:

    • Administrators are now able to resend messages from profiles.  When viewing the Message History tab of a profile, click to view the message details and you will see a Resend Message link above and to the right of the Message Properties.  Clicking the link will bring you to the Contact Center so you can make any necessary changes to the content of the message.  No more digging through the Messsage Report to resend a single email!
    • Quick Search results now sort by the Sort Order set in Attribute Management.  Previously, Quick Searches always sorted by Last Name which was a confusing exception as it was the only search that always sorted by that attribute.
    • When assigning an article to a Single Article Layout menu item, MemberClicks now displays the article alias in the modal window.  This makes it easier for admins to identify articles that have the same name.
    More details on the release will be available on next week.

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