Release: 11/17/2011




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    Duncan McCreery

    One big back-end enhancement was released this morning along with several interface changes.  Details can be found on and the highlights are below:

    • A few weeks ago we released the new e-list architecture to improve performance and stability.  This morning, we made similar changes to contact center messages and notification messages.  Contact Center send speeds have been greatly increased and the report page loads much, much quicker as a result of these changes.
    • Related to the above, the Contact Center Report has been changed to the Message Report because it now includes contact center messages, elists and system notifications.  This allows you to have increased visibility into overall site usage based on the types of messages being sent.  You will see a new column in the report called Message Type which indicates the category of each message: Contact Center, Elist or Notification.  We will be adding a Message Type filter in this report in our next release.
    • The Default Avatar feature has been renamed to Default Profile Photo to keep in line with other terminology in the application.  We've also moved this feature from the Social Community menu to the User Search Results menu, where it makes more sense.
    • On the Admin Home, under the Community section, MemberClicks now displays the number of Community Forum posts in addition to the number of published forums.
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    Helen Solorzano

    What is the "Continuing Education" module mentioned in the release notes?

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    Duncan McCreery

    Hi Helen,

    The CE feature is currently being beta tested by volunteer organizations.  If you'd like to sign up to join the testing, feel free to email  There's also a bit of information in the August Small Staff Journal here.

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