Release 10/4/2011




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    Duncan McCreery

    We released an enhancement this morning along with a few bug fixes.  Most of the engineering time was dedicated to the messaging improvements described here, which will be released in the coming weeks.

    Release highlights:

    • We added the ability for Basic Contacts to have their own logout page.  Previously, this was only available for custom groups
    • The update profile picture page on the front-end was cleaned up.  We removed the Save button (it had no function) and corrected a typo.
    • Some website templates are not displaying incorrect login messages.  This fix will be rolled out today and tomorrow.

    More information on the release can be found on

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    Jovi Jovanelly

    The release was successfully completed this brisk fall morning.  Hope you guys are the East coast are keeping warm!  It's a chilly morn in Atlanta!

    Happy Clicking!

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