Infrastucture Update - Affects IPs for contact center and elists




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    Duncan McCreery

    Update:The changes outlined above will be rolled out to elist messages beginning on November 1, 2011.  The changes will be made to contact center messages on November 15, 2011.

    As part of these changes, the domain will be replaced by  Please be sure to update spam filters accordingly.

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    Jani Hansen

    Hi Duncan.  This has been suggested as resolution to the fact that 75% of our members no longer receive attachments (since 11/1) sent by the E-lists, including me. the messages go through successfully, but attachments do not.  the attachments DO appear in the e-List functionality on the site.

    I have added these IP addresses in Norton 360 and have tried to do so in Outlook 2010, but it only lets you allow domains, not IP addresses.  My settings do allow attachments and I receive them successfully in other cases.  I have set my Outlook to Never block sender and Never block sender's domain for these messages, also, with no luck.


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    Duncan McCreery

    Hi Jani,

    It sounds like the messages are being sent with the attachments, but they are being blocked on the server level.  If you are in a corporate environment, you may try contacting the IT department to safe-list the IP addresses or to look at the email server configuration.  I also see that you have a ticket open already with us, so I'll put a more detailed comment there.

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    Helen Solorzano

    Should we advise people to only put our organization domain name on their safe list, or should we also add ''?   Can you provide instructions that we should send to our users specifically to address this issue?  This explanation is confusing. 

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