Release 9/20/2011




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    Duncan McCreery

    We made a few fixes mid-release cycle last week...quite a few more were released this morning as well as a few enhancements.  Full details are on and the highlights are below:

    • If you have revenue accounts set up on a form, the form receipt export will now include the credit card type of the original transaction.  Adds more value to the receipt exports and makes reconciliations easier because the CC type used to only be available in the revenue account report.  
    • If you had an article with a Read More link, it used to be impossible to delete the Read More.  We've fixed that problem so you can delete the Read More in the editor.
    • Previously, non-administrators could export the profile system date.  This was not intentional and has been fixed.
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    Duncan McCreery

    Update: We pushed out one more improvement this afternoon.  Instead of going to, admins and ASAs can now go to to log into the admin area.  Should save some typing and add a bit more convenience. 

    The /administrator address still works though for those who have it bookmarked.

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    Jovi Jovanelly

    The release was successfully completed around 5:30am this morning.  Hope your week is starting off right!  How about that last weekend of football.  I don't care if you like NCAA or Pro, lots of great games!

    If you don't like football, I heard the Emmys were fun too!  That Charlie Sheen is a character!

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