Release 7/12/2011




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    Jovi Jovanelly

    Release was completed successfully.  We had some issues with our static content server right after, but those were resolved before 6am.  Happy Clicking and stay hydrated in this heat!

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    Duncan McCreery

    A couple of enhancements and quite a few fixes went out in this morning's release.  Highlights include:

    • Added a check so an elist address cannot be added as a user's delivery address.  This should prevent those occasional, pesky elist loops.
    • Added a filter to the Revenue Account Report called No Payment Type which includes receipt edits in the report.  Previously, these were only displayed if no payment types were selected in the filter box.
    • User validation notifications will now be sent if a user is added by form or manually.  Previously, the notification was only sent if a user was added manually.

    More details on this release can be found on

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