Release 5/3/2011




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    Brian Smith
    Might I suggest that you link to the release notes from these posts rather than have users chase them? Would be very helpful.
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    Duncan McCreery

    Hi Brian,

    Absolutely.  I will start providing the link to the release details Tuesday mornings after the updates are live.

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    Jovi Jovanelly

    This release was successfully completed!  Happy Clicking!

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    Duncan McCreery

    New features released this morning include:

    • Payscape has been added as a payment processing option
    • Administrators can now upload a default profile photo for the new search results layout.  Navigate to Components > Social Community > Default Avatar to add your default profile photo.
    • Administrators now have the ability to cancel a contact center message which was set to go out immediately.  If you need to cancel a message, navigate to Reports > Contact Center Report
    • We added two system permissions under the Social Features Admin section: Manage User Search Results  and Social Community Management

    The full release details can be found on

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    Christy Bahn

    I'd like to suggest that information like this (system being down) be sent via email!!!!!

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    Duncan McCreery

    Hi Christy,

    Thanks for the suggestion.  We have releases every two weeks, so we are hesitant to send emails for scheduled maintenance, but we'll continue to explore options to make sure everyone is in the know.  For the time being, if you would like to receive email notification of announcements, you can opt-in to receive them by clicking here and you will see the option to subscribe towards the top-right of the page.

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