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    Chris Byess

    Hi Connie,

    If you would like for a menu item to display it's articles in blog-style format but only do so for a specific category, then I would say a category blog layout is your best bet. Once you set a menu item to operate by this function, it will automatically list the articles that belong to the category you selected in blog format when someone accesses the menu item. We actually have a short video that details this function, which I will link below.

    If this still does not satisfy your need, feel free to send the help team a message at and we'll continue to assist you!

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    Vickie Lester

    Is there a way to get a report that shows a list of blog entries and the number of views? I know I can see that on the back end, but I want to show this data to my committee and possibly the Board so they can see what kind of activity it's getting.

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    Abby Rosensweig

    Is there a way to connect the posting of blog entries to our social media platforms (through HootSuite) to automate the process of having our new blog posts get posted to our social media? What is your recommendation for how blog posts can be posted on social media in the most efficient way possible?

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