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    John Kasper

    Can you have more than one active payment option?  For example, can we offer both for credit cards and PayPal on the same form?

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    Gregory Foreman

    John - At this point you are able to have only a single credit card payment option active per form.  You can use on one form and PayPal on another, but not the same form.  We're working on form module upgrades that will support this in the future though.

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    Janee Connor

    Is it possible to have more than one active Paypal account, used on different forms? We have a group within our organization that is working toward being financially independent (MSDP - our certification program). Their registration forms currently use the same payment options, with a revenue account linked designated to MSDP, which requires our treasurer to then issue a check for the amount. The accountant suggested it might be better if we could have the payments go directly to their own account, so a new Paypal account was created. Looking at the set-up payment services procedure, it looks like creating a new Paypal account would replace the existing one.

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Janee - You're only able to have one account per payment processor. So, you can have one Moolah account and one PayPal account, or one account and one PayPal account, but you aren't able to have two PayPal accounts within one MemberClicks solution. I hope that helps!

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    Denise Liss

    Are we able to process e-checks without having Moolah set up? Our treasurer is not seeing funds come in from our membership renewal forms that have been processed using electronic check for payment. I'm wondering if we've been using it in error, or if the payments are being processed through Coastal with our credit card payments?

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    Gerald Friz

    We would like use more than one payment processor in one form (paypal + When do you expect the functionality in the form ? Gregory mentiioned two years ago you are working on that topic.

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    Chris Byess

    Hi Gerald,

    We've created a ticket for you on this, so you should be hearing from us soon if you haven't already, and we will answer your question there!

    Hi Denise,

    I checked your renewal form, and it looks as if Coastal Software EFT has been chosen as your payment option. As they have an eft service, your checks should be working as intended, provided the payment service information is correct. I checked your payment service options, and it looks as if payment processing for Coastal is not split into parts, so it is quite possible it is being processed with your credit cards. I would suggest you contact them, as they can tell you definitively how the payment is divided.


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    Olivier Massot

    Chris - Is it possible to have two different PayPal accounts used concurrently but not on the same form? We have a membership form and a donation form and would like to connect each of them to different PayPal accounts. Thank you.



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    Marguerite Nutter

    Where do things stand with having a form that can support both credit cards via and PayPal?  I see in 2012 you were working on a module.  Is this available now?

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