Using Field Logic




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    Duncan McCreery

    Currently field logic is only available on the field level.  We have received a few requests to expand field logic to apply to form sections and form pages.  Please vote and comment on this idea in the Feature Requests forum ( if your organization would benefit from this enhancement.

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    Terry Burns

    I too would like to see this option in regard to sections.  i.e. Using a check box.   If section 2 info is going to be the same as section 1 info, by "checking here" the member would not be required to complete section 2.

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    Shunte' Washington

    So field logic can only be used to determine if a field is required or not?  Are we able to configure field 2 to show different options depending on what is selected in field 1?

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Shunte - There's an additional option as well, and I've updated the article above to reflect that option. Thanks for letting us know it wasn't showing up before! 

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