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    Fara Taylor

    What if I want to see the receipts for a specified time frame across forms?  Note we have 50 or more active forms and a hundred plus page report that has no information on most of the pages is not helpful.  The GL format works but doesn't provide the information from the form.  I'm looking for receipt information in GL format.

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Fara - Right now, there isn't a way to search receipts across multiple forms, the reason being the unique nature of each form. With so many options for fields and attributes, forms can vary so much that if all (many) of them were to be combined, the resulting report or export would be pretty large and messy. I can absolutely see a need for this type of functionality, though, so if you have specifics on your needs for this search functionality, please feel free to add them to our Ideas Forum here. Our Product Manager regularly reads the suggestions there, and ultimately, enhancements are implemented based on customer need and feedback.

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    Caroline Courtier


    Here is a way to search for receipt ids across forms: run a revenue report.

    It does mean that your forms need to be linked to revenue accounts, otherwise it doesn't work.

    You can export the data and then search for the receipt you are looking for.



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