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    April Miller

    Please note that if the recurring option is set up the user will not have the choice between paying the entire amount and the payment plan - they will be forced into the payment plan.

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    Duncan McCreery

    Having a recurring payment or a lump some payment as options in the same field would be a great enhancement.  Please vote for the idea here!

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    Mike Brice

    We have an annual membership renewal plan where the amount is conditional based upon the membership renewal form selection of the organization type and size.

    Assuming that the renewal organization type and size does not change each year, can a recurring payment be setup based on the conditional amount paid using the form or does the recurring payment option only work for manually entered fixed amounts for each member? In other words, can the reoccurring payment feature allow “automatic” renewal and credit card charges based upon the calculated form total from the previous year?

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    Christina Rochette

    The only frustration I have with this feature (at this point) is that using a recurring payment option removes all other payment options.  Now I cannot have users making the full payment by phone or sending a check or paying the entire amount by credit card.  That doesn't work for me.  I could duplicate the form to have one with a recurring payment option and one without, but that is cumbersome for many reasons, creating more forms to manage and more places to look for registrations for a single event.  Not helpful.

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    Al Guzman

    Two years ago Duncan McCreery asked if this is a feature users want.  I think this feature is so over do, members should always have a few options on how to pay their membership.  I completely agree with Christina, creating multiple forms is way too cumbersome just to have a member renew their dues.

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    Kwan Hurst

    Work around for setting up Recurring Payments in a multi-choice membership field.  We have Life Mbr - $750 and Subscribing Life - $187.50 every 3 months until pmt amount totals $750.  In the Membership selection field, I put both options and made the Subscribing Life option $0.  Then I added an "I authorize this recurring payment every 3 months" check box that charges the $187.50.  If the user selects Life Mbr, they are charged the full $750 at the end.  If the user selects Sub Life, the system is set making the Auth checkbox mandatory.  When the user selects the Auth field, the recurring pmt is applied.


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    Jack Pfeiffer

    We have this set up for our membership.  A few questions: 1) How do I update someone's user name and password for the recurring payment, so they can update their credit card? 2) Is there a way for me to update their credit card? 3) Why doesn't the member get added to our membership directory when they pay online through the membership form?

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Jack -

    1) You can update a user's credentials by viewing their member profile (click View next to their group, then search by last name) and clicking Edit in the top righthand corner.

    2) Credit card information can be updated in the user's recurring transaction receipt. View the profile > View Transactions > Click the eyeball next to the receipt you want to edit > View Recurring Payment Information. Ideally, the user would update their credit card on their own for privacy reasons, but if you have their credit card information, you can update it as an administrator.

    3) People in your Member group are set to display in the Membership directory. That directory is updated with new members as they join (under Directory > View Entire Membership). At first glance, things appear to be set up and working properly. If you're still seeing an issue, please reach out to our Help Team at 404-879-2800 or and they'll be glad to assist!

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    Jack Pfeiffer

    Thanks Kinsey, I'll have to reach out to help because this member and another one that just joined is not in our directory, but they paid online. Also, Jack is no longer with CHAMPS, so I'll need to figure out how to switch the authorization to someone else. Thanks for your help.


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    Christina Culver

    if I set up a reoccurring payment option

    1. is there a way of giving them a "discount" rate? 

    2. will their expiration date automatically update after a # of payments are received? 

    3. I'm a bit nervous about the notes above....individuals stating that if they add the reoccurring payment option then the normal option is deleted? Can you clarify for me please? 




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    Gregory Foreman

    Christina - 1. You can give a discounted rate with the recurring option.  It's based on the amount you enter when setting up pricing on the particular field.  Let's say the membership cost is $1500 for a year, and you want to discount that to $1200 with the recurring option... if you enter $1200 as the amount in the pricing setup for that field, you will then be charging that amount rather than the full amount.

    2. The expiration date will need to be setup appropriately for that field/payment option.  If you do a 3 year recurring membership field, the expiration date won't automatically update to 3 years out unless you set that field to 3 years in the expiration settings.  You can then adjust settings in the recurring payment options so that if a payment is declined at some point the profile will turn to an inactive status or change groups.  This way you're not giving away free membership (or whatever they're paying for) if payments are missed.

    3. If you want to have both options - 1 normal payment or recurring payments, you must setup 2 separate pricing fields.  At this time you're not able to setup both options on a single field.

    If you need any clarification on the above, or need some help in setting it up, please feel free to contact our Help Team.

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    Joan Hamasu

    We are planning to put recurring payments in our new membership renewal form as a way that members can automatically renew their memberships over a three year period.  As a way to entice members to use recurring payment we want to make the offer to freeze the membership dues at the current level for the length of the recurring payment period.  My question is, suppose a member, using the recurring payment feature, signs up for three years of membership at $175/year.  After one year we decide to raise the membership dues to $200 a year and we change it on the renewal form.  Will this affect the amount that the member who signed up at the $175 rate will be charged for the second and third year of his renewal?  Will the member be locked in at the $175/year rate or will it go up when we change the form?  Thanks.

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Joan - As a best practice, we recommend placing members in a separate group who sign up to use recurring payments. So, I would have existing members who opt to start using recurring payments fill out the same application form that new members joining and paying 3 years up front use. That way, the only people who take that form are recurring payment type members, and you'll know exactly who they are. This helps with managing those members, specifically in relation to their expiration dates.

    Along those lines, we also recommend creating a new membership form each year by copying the current form and updating pricing and verbiage. This way, you don't have to worry about people who have taken the form having their prices altered since you're working on a fresh form each year.

    If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to write or call in to our Help Team when we reopen Monday so that you can discuss specifics!

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    SE Betts

    I assume you still read these comments even though it has been a long time.  

    Is there anyway to change the amount on recurring payments?  We have several people that chose recurring, but one of our fields had not been setup as recurring on the form - therefore, it was not included in the yearly fee.

    Can I change the amount due and total due in the recurring payments?

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    Chris Byess

    Hi Sharon,

    While you can certainly edit the payment fields so that your future registrants will be charged a different amount, no change made to the payment fields will affect the payment structure of those already on the recurring payment schedule. If one of your fields was not set up at the time to charge your members, I would suggest entering their receipt, editing the section the payment information is within, and then saving it. Saving it after the payment option has been corrected should cause the updated pricing to kick in, and the member to then be charged. To note, this will not affect the pricing of a recurring payment structure that is actively charging a member.

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