Form Expiration Settings




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    Helen Solorzano

    We have one expiration date for everyone: Sept 30.

    It is now fall 2011.  What if a user with no expiration date fills out the form before Sep 30, 2011?  And what happens after Sep 30, 2011?  What year will be put in their expiration date in each case?  (I think this messed us up last year).

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    Barbara Melanson

    This expiration date business is very tricky. When we have new members join before our March 30 expiration date I need to go in and manually update their expiration dates. This is a nuisance, but doable.

    The other issue is that when renewing members have not paid for the previous year, but are paying for the current year only one year gets added onto their membership. So I need to update their expiration dates manually as well. This is not easily done.

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