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    Joan Hamasu

    Is there a way to configure the Order Form to list the items being purchased?  I created a form called Recorded Webinars Access Order Form which lists the titles of webinars as a check box list that members can order access to.  Can the payment option page list the titles selected before the purchaser makes his/her payment?  Thanks.  Joan

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Joan - Today, the only fields on an order form that will show up (prior to the payment page) summarizing your purchase are quantity type fields. Today there isn't a way to create a summary page prior to the payment page, but it is definitely an enhancement request we've heard before and one that's planned. Feel free to vote or comment on this article with additional details for our Product Team:

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    Ruth Bardos

    How do I change the "type" of form if the selection was incorrectly made or you need to update the type of form?

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Ruth - Changing a form's type is something that MemberClicks Admins can do, but it isn't available to ASAs. If you need a form's type changed, please submit a ticket to letting us know which form and what the type should be and we'll be glad to assist!

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    Marilyn Davis

    I have an event registration form with payment/pricing options available to members only.

    However, I would like to make it available to non-members, but require them to register for a membership at the same time.  How can I add a membership/dues pricing field/attribute to my existing form?

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    Chris Byess

    Hi Marilyn,

    While a basic contact profile will be created for any new user that logs into a form with their email, only through a membership application form can you create a new profile that assigns members to an active group. The rest of our forms do not possess this specific functionality. As such, you will want your members to fill out an application form first before having them take a conference registration form. While this will cause them to take two forms, it is the most efficient way to generate a member profile while properly storing their information.


    If you have any further questions regarding this issue, just drop our help team a message at, where we will be happy to assist!


    -Chris Byess

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    Neil Holdway

    This article ought to have images showing examples of the different forms. It would help to go with the descriptions and help me decide which to pick (like, do I want to start with an Order Form or a Basic Form?).

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