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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Renee - Thanks so much for letting us know. I've made the change so that the RIght Sidebar with Full Width Header Image link is now working correctly.

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    Kyle Sullivan

    Hi Pete,

    I took a look at that newsletter for you.  It looks like the original template might have been copied and pasted into Microsoft Word, then copied and pasted back into the editor.  When text is pulled straight from Microsoft Word, it can add Word-specific HTML code, while trying to replicate exactly what is copied and pasted.  The borders are there in our email editor to show the layout of the table cells but the dashed borders are set to not display in an email.  Word will try to to replicate exactly what you're seeing, and in this case, it saw the borders and recreated them.

    Also, while inspecting your newsletter, I noticed the code for your images and am almost certain that they won't display correctly in Microsoft-based email clients like Outlook - specifically, the images with text wrapping around them.  In order to accomplish this look for Microsoft-based clients, you will need to set the alignment of the image when you insert it.  You will also not be able to edit the image after inserting it.

    If copying from Word to save time, we recommend that you do one section at a time and paste the text first into a plain text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit and then into your email/article editor.  This will remove the unnecessary HTML code and allow you to format your message using the MemberClicks tools.

    I hope this helps. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact the Help Team and they'll be glad to assist.


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    Helen Solorzano

    This is a great option to have, thanks. We currently use a template from another source. I create the newsletter as a web page and then paste it into the contact center for delivery. This way we can maintain archive copies on our website. I've noticed that there are some format changes going from the web page to the contact center email. Is there anything to watch out for while formatting the web page for pasting into email besides all the things listed in this article (which are very helpful! I didn't know about them).

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    Kenny Liles

    Seems like all of the links for templates are broken.  Anyway I can download newsletter templates?

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Kenny - Thanks for letting us know. Those templates are back up and running now!

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    Eboney Thornton


    Can you give me any tips on how to remove extra spaces in an email template? We use a template, with multiple cells, and when you see it in the edit template and message review, the spacing looks fine, but when you view it in the message report, it either removes the spaces or it looks like it's single spaced, which is preferred, but when viewed in Outlook it removes some, or adds too many. 

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    Joyce Uglow

    Is there a way to download the newsletter to save as a PDF?

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    Sara Edmonds

    Are there any plans to update the newsletter templates to include an interactive calendar? Something similar to what multiview offers?

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