Creating Selection Set Type Attributes




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    Dafina Diabate

    Is there a way to bookmark and store Forum and Resources pages, to form my own library. It would be helpful if I could collect the useful pages into one place and not have to search again every time I come back to eh Help Center.

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Dafina - Our Help Desk software provider (Zendesk) doesn't have 'favorite' type functionality today, but it's something I'd be happy to suggest to Zendesk as an idea. For now my best suggestion would be to bookmark those pages so that when you start typing 'help' in the search bar, your browser will suggest the Forum and/or Resources articles.

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    Neil Holdway

    Is it me or do the selection-set dialog boxes in which you create the selection set even look like this anymore?

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    Chris Byess

    Hi Neil,

    In which ways have the display of the selection set boxes changed for you? Could you give me a specific example? How the selection set settings are displayed above should be how it is currently displaying for you under the attribute. Which portion is different?


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    Wendy Stoneberger

    I am finding extra items that I did not intend are making their way into a few of our selection sets. Are members allowed to overwrite these lists? Is there a way to lock them down and force a choice from the list only? 

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