How to use the Address Verification Service (AVS)




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    Harvey Nation

    It would be nice if you would also explain what happens if you choose to do a batch of 4,500.

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    Chris Byess

    Hi Harvey,

    When choosing to process a batch, the function of the AVS does not behave any differently than if you were processing a smaller number of records. The tab will process for however long it may take before notifying you that the addresses were verified, and you will then be charged the appropriate amount. If this doesn't exactly answer your question, or you feel that I have misunderstood your meaning, then feel free to write in a ticket to our help team at We'll be happy to assist.

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    Kristin Milam

    What does it look like for invalid addresses? Does it show the new/updated address -- if someone moved, for example? Can you post an example like how the above post shows a comparison of the verified? Thanks!

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