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    Jill Sheets

    That works except if a member number is 4, it pulls up every member number that has a 4 in it.  I realize maybe we should have changed our member number formatting but 19 years later we're a bit stuck with our numbers.

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    Gregory Foreman

    Hi Jill - You're absolutely correct, the Quick Search will pull all profiles that match the criteria entered.  So, if you have "member ID" and "zip code" both set to be included in the Quick Search, searching for "4" would show you all profiles that have a 4 in "member ID" and/or "zip code".  As an alternative, you could try using the Advanced Search (if you haven't already).  Using the top section of this search ("search for profiles by attribute value") will allow you to specify which attribute you want to search on, and will also match the criteria you enter exactly... so searching for "4" in "member ID" would return only the member that actually has a member ID of 4.

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    Anna Pack

    Would it be possible to fast track a change that would allow Quick Search to also pull inactive profiles? It is really cumbersome searching two methods or having to go into Advance Search for every membership renewal we process.

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