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    Brenda Adams-Weyant

    I have been using the simple search to find members that need to be deleted.  I tag each one as I search for them, but when I go look at all my tagged results and change their status, the only tagged result is the last one I tagged.  There is no way for me to search for them with one search, so I search by name and tag each.  Why do the tags clear when I do the next search?

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    Janee Connor

    Is there a way to merge profiles into one? I've found several former members who re-applied after their expiration date, when their profiles had been moved to Basic Contact. They were entered as new profiles in the appropriate group with their new applications, and now they actually have 2 profiles. There's history in the old profile that I'd like to keep, but don't want the duplicate entry.

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    Kinsey Mahan

    Hi Janee - there isn't a way to combine two user profiles, but there is another option. I always recommend that you decide which profile to keep and which to delete, then transfer the receipts from the profile to be deleted. Here is an article about transferring receipts from one profile to another. Once that transaction data is all transferred over, delete the extra profile. If you have questions, the Help Team would be glad to help walk you through the process.

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    Jeff Burns

    Hi Janee - Kinsey absolutely provided the best way to combine two user profiles in the current system.   It does take a little bit more manual work, but will alleviate the issue you spoke about in your post.  We are currently building functionality in our new DB to alleviate this issue and to ensure information from Basic Contacts/Profiles will be easily stored/combined in the future.

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    Christine Steele

    I deleted a member last year, so she is not in our system. I need to add her back and wanted to take the membership profile on her behalf, and when I enter her email address in the field as having never used the site, the message comes up saying that her email address is in the system. How can I bypass this as she is not in our system anymore.

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    Chris Byess

    Hi Christine,

    It's possible that your member could have started a form at one point only not to finish, meaning that email address is attached to an incomplete form. You can use the 'search for special profiles' tab within the advanced tab to search for profiles that have incomplete receipts. Also, if you have an idea of what form this person might take, you can comb through the incomplete receipts of a form under the 'receipts' tab. I would suggest you give these a try, and if it does not work, just let the help team know, and we'll be happy to assist!

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