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    Dennis Seger

    Thank you Kevin for this informative page.  In the Special Profiles, many of the check boxes are 'only', such as the 'Show inactive profiles only'.  I would like to to do a single search across both Active and Inactive profiles so I can look if some is currently or has been a member without having to search twice.  Any suggestions?

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    Jeanie Faulkner

    Where is the Narrow Search page?

    Is it just for administrators?

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    Duncan McCreery

    Dennis: Currently, active profiles must be searched separately from inactive profiles.  I definitely see the convenience of being able to search both at once.  Please add your vote and comments to this idea.

    Jeanie: The Narrow Search page can be added as a menu item if you would like to give access to members and/or site visitors.  To add it as a menu item (in the new CMS), go to Menu Manager > Menu Item Manager (for the menu to which you want to add it) > click New.  Under the Database section, click Narrow Search to add it as a menu item.  Please be sure to set the appropriate group permissions for the menu item as well.  Additional information about adding menu items can be found here.

    For administrators, the Narrow Search page can be added to the Admin Home or Admin Home Submenu.  When editing the Admin Home, you will see Narrow Search under the Add a System Page drop down.  For more information on editing the Admin Home, please see this article.

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    Duncan McCreery

    Dennis: Sorry, I see your comment in this idea.  I'll update the idea posted in my comment above to consolidate.

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